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Consciousness believes that we must take care of ourselves, by doing meditation

Discover the organic collection ‘third eye‘ from Consciousness and the podcast from L’éveil des consciences who give the floor to welness professionals.

*Create your holistic lifestyle*



Holistic life, Consciousness


Holistic life, Consciousness
We work on collaboration. Time for competition its over. We believe in a better world where everyone can share their skills, work together and achieved a goal sharing the same values
Mandala are known to be an union, to help people to decrease their level of stress and get an inner balance. We believe in stability by taking care of our mind and our level of vibrations.
When your mate compliment you on the clothe or accessories that you bought, you can be able to tell them you can trace this piece of creation. Because that's what label need to be able to do. You know that you respect the humanity and yourself
Taking care of your body, mind and spirit, will help you to reconnect with your true self
We prefer the clothes and acessories we use, directly in our skin, to be free from nasty chemicals. We are environmentally conscious of our impact on our kind planet
All of our products are handcrafted, their is a part of a soul in each products, instead of being made by a robot who doesn't have any feeling. You help people to live their passion thanks your interest on their products. That make all the difference in each purchase
No animal were harmed in the making of this products. We respect animals and their environment

Why do a hypnosis session?

At first, I wish you all dear readers a wonderful year 2019! We are entering a new era again and new projects are under way 🙂 we are unlimited beings and we must continue our quest for more knowledge, experiences and joys Today, to begin this new year, I would like to explain to you...
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We love the ocean and sportswear fashion, respect them!

I find that there is value in the choice of the good tastes… The most beautiful value in your choice ofclothing is to combine esthetics with consideredchoices. Towards more virtuous transgression! If you wonder how to change your consumption into finding brands more ethical and to protect our Ocean, you are at the good place! I will speak...
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Ayurvedic diététics, what is your profile?

A lot of people ask to themselves what are the reals benefits on the body and the mind while using Ayurvedic medicine, Ayurvedic diet is a Ayurvedic composant, an Indian medicine, it’s concidered to the same grade as physiotherapy, yoga, aromatherapy and Ayurvedic massages. What is the signification? Ayurveda means ” Life knowledges or longevity”...
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Tibetan bowls, sounds therapy : 5 benefits on the body and mind

Tibetan Bowls also called singing bowls are frequently used by therapists, this technique is used in Asia’s countries such as in Himalaya. Since millennia, local people use this bowls for therapeutic purposes on people. Vibrations generated by this amazing object act directly on our physical body which is mainly composed of water.   1- Discover...
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Consciousness is the evidence that the person with whom we spend the most of our time is us.  Obtaining a greater respect of ourselves, getting to know and listening to ourselves better, refocusing on us- these are our priorities. 

Our concept combines a holistic approach with respect for the environment. You will find 3 things: an alliance of well-known conservative creators that promotes an environmentally friendly way of life, a newsletter about well-seing and original podcasts with natural therapists.    

An holistic lifestyle  is the reconnection between the mind, the psyche, and the body. 

*Create your holistic lifestyle*