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Tibetan bowl from Nepal


This Tibetan bowl is wonderful, is made by local artisans in Nepal who gares about details and who want to transmit their knowledge. It use has many benefits on Health, it’s also use by many spiritual masters but also in school to help children to get focus. It’s accompanied by a handmade wooden spindle which produce an harmonious sound and vibratio that will bring you peace and harmony. All the incredible vibrations will soothe you, they will print the cells of your body which is mainly composed of water.

The bowl can be used during your meditation sessions to rebalance your chakras, to relax and to activate your healer energy. You can also use it at a décoration accessory, it will perfectly in harmony with the space that transmit you inter peace.

It’s composed about the 7 Materials which composed our 7 planets:

  • Gold > the sun
  • Silver> the moon
  • Iron> Mars
  • Mercury> Mercury
  • Tin> Jupiter
  • Copper> Venus
  • Lead> Saturn

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