We work on collaboration. Time for competition its over. We believe in a better world where everyone can share their skills, work together and achieved a goal sharing the same values
Mandala are known to be an union, to help people to decrease their level of stress and get an inner balance. We believe in stability by taking care of our mind and our level of vibrations.
When your mate compliment you on the clothe or accessories that you bought, you can be able to tell them you can trace this piece of creation. Because that's what label need to be able to do. You know that you respect the humanity and yourself
Taking care of your body, mind and spirit, will help you to reconnect with your true self
We prefer the clothes and acessories we use, directly in our skin, to be free from nasty chemicals. We are environmentally conscious of our impact on our kind planet
All of our products are handcrafted, their is a part of a soul in each products, instead of being made by a robot who doesn't have any feeling. You help people to live their passion thanks your interest on their products. That make all the difference in each purchase
No animal were harmed in the making of this products. We respect animals and their environment