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Méditation accompaniment

The benefits of meditation, relaxation The mastery of this thoughts ,more creativity and kindness
Individual or collective méditation session in Upper France, I propose you my meditation session in this region, I invite you to write me, according to that we will find a session at the time that suit you.
My experience? After a long trip, especially to India in the very cradle of meditation and in Thailand where I did a Buddhist Vipassana retreat, I realized that meditation allowed me to meet myself to know myself better and know what I wanted to do in the Earth. I still practice daily during 30 minutes per day which allow me to stimulate this Energy, to boost my self-confidence, to relax, to feel more in Harmony and to have much more lucid dreams. Meditation is a revelation about one's self-knowledge and the search for Harmony between mind and body.
My projects today? I myself was accompanied in this meditation course that brought me a lot. I feel ready today to accompany you to your path and to share this moment with you. The orientation occupies an important place at the beginning, it will allow you to feel supported and guided in this step of well-being. I Bring you the Keys and the techniques so that you can become indépendent and meditate alone afterwards :)

Meditation is not an escape but a serene encounter with reality


In Lille and Around

15/ H

At distance

12/ H