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Brand: Lumiflor Part of the plant used: Plant

Geographical origin: India Search tips:

– Oral way: Take 1 drop / day, 4 consecutive days, renewable if necessary, to take on a support.

– Cutaneous: The recommended dose mixed with an HV.

– Diffusion: 5 to 10 drops during 10 mn

Ajowan has the following properties:

Anthelmintic: vermifuge (causes evacuation or destruction of parasitic worms) Antibacterial: fights aggressive bacteria

Anti-fungal: destroys mushrooms

Anti-infectious: fights infections

Anti-parasitic: destroys parasites

Anti-viral: fight against viruses

Bactericidal: destroys bacteria

Cortison-like: mimics and induces effects similar to cortisone

Toxi-intestinal infection: fights the toxins responsible for intestinal infection

Vermicide: helps the destruction of worms


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