How to use the ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER, Bamboo, Diffuser + Humidifier + Light

The aroma diffuser diffuses ionized particles of essential oils into the air, making it possible to potentiate the activity of the diffused essential oil.
Air is the propellant once the engine is started.
The quality of the essential oil remains intact as it is not affected by heat.
A diffuser can be installed in any place where it is needed.
Bedroom / sick room / Hospital / kitchen / toilet / waiting room doctor / trade / gym / Yoga / Meditation ...

Generally in an environment such as a room, broadcast for about 10 minutes to 20 minutes is sufficient.
In the case of a larger diffusion (respiratory disease ...) it is advisable to connect the device 10 minutes every 2 hours during the night to provide better sleep.

It has been scientifically proven that the diffusion of essential oils of aromatic plants is very effective and is the best guarantee to obtain a healthy environment. But it is very important to take every precaution to choose a Quality Essential Oil.
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