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Third eye Consciousness cushion are sustainable and robust and really practical during your yoga and meditation postures.

Take a sit in all serenity on your third eye cushion, he will assure you a very good maintenance of your vertebral column. The cushion is made in organic cotton , the third eye is hand embroidered and the color of the fabric is from a natural vegetable fiber. No pesticides and dyes are used in our cushions manufacturing process.

The creation of the cushion is authentic and benevolent, his zip is in optimal quality, this will answer to all of your expectations.

For this first collection, we let you discoure the third eye chakra which will help you to developp your intuition, your creativity and also your clairvoyance

This meditation cushion is made in a high quality, we recommend you to expose it to the Sun in order to regenerate the organic seeds inside.



Épeautre et mousse recyclée- Écologique

3 eme oeil brodé main

Les perles permettant la réalisation du 3eme oeil sont représentatives de la marque. Ce dernier étant fait main, il vous permet d'encourager la création naturelle authentique et bienveillante.

Enveloppe interne

La pochette interne dispose d'une fermeture éclaire lavable à 30ㅇ ( retirer les graines d'épeautre ainsi que la mousse avant le lavage)


En coton bio certifié

Fermeture éclair

En laiton


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