GEMMO ANTI-AGE AQUAGEMM ORGANIC (rosemary, blackcurrant, sequoia, oak, vine)


The GEMMOANTI-AGE AQUAGEMM complex is a non-alcoholic and 100% organic formula that combines 5 plants with powerful antioxidant properties. It effectively combats the signs of aging by protecting the cells.

It acts as a true anti-aging by multiplying the active ingredients of each of the 100% organic plants that make up GEMMOANTI-AGE AQUAGEMM. Cassis and Rosemary are very rich in antioxidants. Rosemary, Sequoia and Vine cause a stimulating action on the organs.

You can perform regular treatments of alcohol-free GEMMOANTI-AGE AQUAGEMM to naturally face cell aging, but also during seasonal changes, periods when the body is particularly challenged.

In addition to a course of GEMMOANTI-AGE AQUAGEMM without alcohol, it is advisable to eat in a balanced way, to practice a regular physical activity, to hydrate regularly.

The non-alcoholic formulation of GEMMOANTI-AGE AQUAGEMM is therefore suitable for all diets, all religious practices and pregnant women.


– Take 5 drops before each meal.
– A cure of 2 months is advised with a break of one week every 3 weeks
– Cures advised during a convalescence or at each change of seasons


The part of the plant that is used to treat

– Young plants
– Maceration of buds

Components used

– 50% Organic Vegetable Glycerin
– 50% Water
– Cassis*
– Oak*
– Rosemary *
– Sequoia *
– Vine *
* Ingredients from organic farming


– Plants of Origin France
– A.B. certified


– 50 Ml bottle ensuring 4 months of treatment


Latin Name: Rosmarinus officinalis, Ribes nigrum, Sequoia gigantea, Quercus pedunculata, Vitis vinifera
Used part of the plant: young shoots, bud macerate
Ingredients and Active Ingredients: 50 ml bottle, consisting of bud macerates BIO concentrates

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