GEMMO ARTICULATIONS AQUAGEMM (Virginia creeper, vine, blackcurrant)


The complex of 100% organic plants GEMMOARTICULATIONS AQUAGEMM without alcohol is for all people suffering from back pain, problems of flexibility and joint stiffness.

The Virginia creeper eases the pain associated with osteoarthritis. The vine, it improves the venous circulation and irrigates at best the articular system. Cassis is a robust anti-inflammatory that quickly calms joint disorders.

GEMMOARTICULATIONS AQUAGEMM without alcohol brings flexibility to the joints, soothes the pains quickly and considerably improves mobility, as part of a regular preventive or curative treatment. It is prescribed by many therapists.

In addition to a course of GEMMOARTICULATIONS AQUAGEMM without alcohol, it is advisable to eat in a balanced way, to practice a regular physical activity, to hydrate regularly.

The non-alcoholic formulation of GEMMOARTICULATIONS AQUAGEMM is therefore suitable for all diets, all religious practices and pregnant women.


Human health
– 15 Drops in the morning upon waking and leave an interval of two hours in case of taking several macerates in the same day.
– A cure of 2 months is advised with a break of one week every 3 weeks

Animal health
– Take 1 drop up to 5 kg of weight and 1 drop every 10 kg in a drink container 15 minutes before a meal for 21 days


The part of the plant that is used to treat

– Young plants
– Buds

Components used

– 50% Organic Vegetable Glycerin
– 50% Water
– Cassis*
– Vine *
– Virginia creeper*
* Ingredients from organic farming


– Plants of Origin France
– A.B. certified


– 50 Ml bottle ensuring 4 months of treatment


Latin Name: Ampelopus veitchii, Vitis vinifera, Ribes nigrum
Used Part of the Plant: Young Shoots, Buds
Active Ingredients and Ingredients: Bottle of 50 ml, composed of Concentrated bud macerates Bio

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