GEMMO DESACCOUTUMANCE AQUAGEMM (fig tree, walnut, apple tree)


GEMMODESACCOUTUMANCE AQUAGEMM acts as a real natural support to fight against addictions more easily.

This complex of 100% organic plants, formulated without alcohol, combines all the beneficial virtues of fig, walnut and apple tree.

This combination of 100% organic and alcohol free 3-plant macerates is indicated to help people who are addicted to tobacco, food or alcohol.

The fig tree is a powerful tranquilizer that neutralizes the effects of stress and significantly reduces nervousness. It acts as a 100% natural anxiolytic. Thanks to its sedative action, the apple tree helps to release dependencies and helps during times of lack. Associated with the two other plants, Walnut helps to alleviate anxieties and sensations of lack.

GEMMODESACCOUTUMANCE AQUAGEMM can be used in a curative and preventive way, on a regular basis, to fight against addictions more easily.

In addition to a course of GEMMODESACCOUTUMANCE AQUAGEMM without alcohol, it is advisable to eat in a balanced way, to practice a regular physical activity, to hydrate regularly.

The alcohol-free formulation of GEMMODESACCUTUMANCE AQUAGEMM is therefore suitable for all diets, all religious practices and pregnant women.

Human health
– 15 Drops in the morning upon waking and leave an interval of two hours in case of taking several macerates in the same day.
– A cure of 2 months is advised with a break of one week every 3 weeks

The part of the plant that is used to treat

– Young plants
– Buds

Components used

– 50% Organic Vegetable Glycerin
– 50% Water
– Fig tree *
– Walnut *
– Apple tree*
* Ingredients from organic farming


– Plants of Origin France
– A.B. certified


– 50 Ml bottle ensuring 4 months of treatment


Used part of the plant: young shoots, bud macerate
Active Ingredients and Ingredients: Bottle of 50 ml, composed of Concentrated bud macerates Bio

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