Shakti Cork Yoga Mat, JURU


The word Shakti represents the divine feminine power personifying creation and the cause of all changes that guide us towards liberation. The JURU Shakti yoga mat is that yoga mat which reflects the gentle and smooth texture it provides for your practice. The yoga mat is light and easy to carry to your studio everyday. The Shakti yoga mat is loved by female practitioners as it is a reminder of the strength each one possess.

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A light and durable yoga mat with a smooth grip and bright colour. Also reversible, antimicrobial and washable.

Additional Information

For Best Results: The surface of JURU Cork mat smoothens with use. The best way to enhance your mat experience is to practice and practice, on either side, and roll the mat both ways now and then so it lays flat.

Maintain your mat by wiping the surface with wet cloth after every practice.
Do not use any soap or chemicals as the mat has a self-cleaning surface.
You can wash the mat with water once in a while to get rid off dust particles from outdoor practice.
Sanding or rubbing sand paper on the mat will help maintain the new look.


6 ft x 2 ft


2 Kg


3 mm


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