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We love the ocean and sportswear fashion, respect them!

I find that there is value in the choice of the good tastes The most beautiful value in your choice ofclothing is to combine esthetics with consideredchoices. Towards more virtuous transgression! If you wonder how to change your consumption into finding brands more ethical and to protect our Ocean, you are at the good place! I will speak to you about the brands of Consciousness (of the field of the sportswear) but not that! I will also evoke fashion Brands :) there will be for all the tastes. Understand that the realization of this article took time to me in order to peel each siteseach mentions > to find you relevant brands and not false packagings having the ecologicalranking. You do not trust appearances.


Consciousness selects creators and brands combining the sportswear and the respect of the environment.

In this article, I have as an ambition to speak to you about the ocean which is forsaken and neglected by the hands of the man. It is estimated that 18000 pieces float in each square kilometer of the ocean (that ullages pricks) 633 species are affect by remains marins

More than 75% from what is withdrawn in the beaches is out of PLASTIC (shame with those which leave pieces of plastics in water, it is not a dust bin! )

Which is the manufacturing process of recycling of the brand with which we work WODUP:

STAGE 1: consist conveyed the bottles to be recycled towards a center of recycling where those are crushed so that very liquid is eliminated. Then they are packed and ready to carry out phase 2

STAGE 2: This one consists in sorting the bottles according to transparent plastic plastic coloured stickers the lids of the bottles recovered, then they are placed in a kind of bathtub where the lids float at water surface and can be cleaned.

Tri selectif St Laurant du Medoc

STAGE 3: After some immersions in chemical baths, the plastic bottles became a pile of transparent and crushed plastic scraps. Now, it is time to dry them! The plastics spend approximately 10 hours in Mijoteuse which turns until they are dry. One is finally ready for stage 4

STAGE 4: It is sent in a machine where the plastic remainders are heated with more than 270 degrees Celsius what dissolves it, it then is deposited in large chains, gathered in a container.

STAGE 5: We have large chains now, which is not powerful enough for the manufacturing of powerful clothing of sportswear type, this is why heat we it and let us stretch it to create new stronger fibres.

STAGE 6: Once these recovered fibres, we tear them in order to recreate a cotton fibre, like a raw material.

STAGE 7: The cuddly toys are sent in another factory in order to transform them into rough fabric.

This fabric then is spun out of fibre and is collected on giant reels
Thus what was before marine waste is transformed into technical and functional clothing evacuating perspiration (vital in the medium of the sport). That contributes to preserve planet and especially to fight against the climate change.

Brand WODUP with which we work in close collaboration supports the association Tangaroa Blue which cleans the Australian beaches of waste inutiles.

  • 1 I let to you discover on our site our selection of WODUP#sportéthique products

It uses in particular the recycling of the plastics as well as the fibre modal which is recognized as acaress on the skin the modal one is a natural fibre which was developed during the First World War, it is obtained by the spinning of woodcelluloses. 

Here other brands directed towards the fashionwhich also conquered me:

  • 2 HER THE Australia LABEL
    The brand searches simplicity and the communion with the ocean, the brand proposes bathing suitsknack and elegant, it respects the charter of local production and respectful of the environment.

The fabrics come from the factories Italian respecting practice RSE

  • A brand 3  Spanish TWOTHIRDS is éco responsible, it defends the Oceans. Its name twothirds means “deux tiers”, it recalls us quite simply that there are two thirds of our planet are covered with water.

Seas, Two thirds Oceans engages for their protection. What I like over all in this brand is the transparency present on the site. The idea is to explain in a precise way to the customers materials used.

An exemple of Materials used:

Seacell is used in the manufacturing process by the brand, it acts of a textile fibre made starting from algae, manufactured by the same manufactoring process as that of Lyocell, him even resulting from the wood pulp. The fibre seacell is in particular recognized for its benefits on the skin with a release of vitamin E and rock salt, calcium and magnesium, antiirritation, cicatrization of the skin after ignition. This fibre is known as being respirable and very soft, it is a true happiness for inlove ones with the naturalness :)

I let to you discover the values of this brand in order to make you your own opinion :)



  • 4- The Veja brand engaged recently in protection of the Oceans by creating its collection WATA, an unisex sneaker manufactured starting from recycled materials, in partnership with bound Surfrider foundation whose main mission is the protection of the Oceans.
  • 5- The Purakaiest brand a Californian brand having been creates by a father and his/her daughter, the objective is to manufacture clothing of high technology as well as the clothing dedicated to Surfing, manufactured starting from biological cotton it respects the oceans. Indeed there are no harmful products which are found in the oceans.

In conclusion, we note that more and more respectful ethical brands of the Oceans start to flower gradually, our awakening evolves in considerable way, it is pleasant to realize with what a not actors move ourselves a little everywhere in the world!

My council in order to integrate a respectful lifestyle of the environment is to invest from time to time in ethical products while avoiding over consumption! of any obviousness the products écoperson in charge have higher costs that the unspecified brands, this is why, it is difficult to buy innovations every two days.

I chose a less dense consumption with more valueMoreover, it seems important to me to respect its skin while enabling him to breathe naturallyIndeed, the chemical products which emanate in particular from the dyes is ultra harmful for yourskin, it is of as much worse when you do sports since you sweat in a considerable way.

Let breathe our skin while carrying natural matters is very important!

In this article, I evoked some brands, there is more obviously! do not hesitate to leave me your comments and to say the ethical brands that you carry, it is always interesting to know some more!

I wish you with all an excellent day,


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